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Camp Rules

Waiver Form: ALL visitors must register and sign the waiver form prior to entering the park. Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

Hours of operation: The park is open from 9am-11pm from May to October long-weekends. Park gate is closed every night at 11pm.


Check out time is 2pm.Unless otherwise extended , day rates may apply.Park gates are closed between 11pm and are reopened at 9am for your security.NO entry after 11p.m. unless otherwise negotiated.


ALL visitors are expected to conduct themselves in a responsible manner and are required to respect the following park rules.

NO glass allowed on site: Glass containers (bottles, jugs, containers, etc.) are subject to confiscation  and could be returned upon departure depending on circumstances .

The River: It is to be respected. Do NOT wash in it. Currents can be dangerous. Rocks can be slippery.

Noise: It is best to discuss possible noise issues (amplified music, generators, etc.) prior to your visit. Please ask before setting off fireworks and/or planning loud gatherings.

USE designated toilet and washing facilities: Do not wash dishes or throw soap, gas, oil or garbage in the woods or river.  We recycle cardboard, paper and tin, please use designated recycling and disposal areas.

NO open fires: Use designated fire pits. Only the firewood purchased or provided on site is allowed for burning. (Do not transport firewood).


Every attempt is made to control poison ivy on site. Stay in designated areas and on designated trails. Do not cut trees and bushes or pick wildflowers.


NO disorderly conduct: Disorderly and unruly guests may be asked to leave the premises.

DO NOT  throw cigarette butts on the ground. Use fire pits and/or designated ash trays.

Pets are only allowed on a case by case basis. If permitted, dogs are allowed on site but must always be controlled (on leach) and are not allowed to harass other guests and/or wildlife.Dogs must have all their shots and must have a collar with identification. Wildlife must not be harassed by a wandering dog. Please come prepared to pick up after the animal. Continuous barking will not be tolerated. Pets must not be allowed to wander at night.

Recreational Water Use: All water activities on park premises are at the users own risk. There is no lifeguard on duty and tubes/floaties are not provided/rented. Children must always be supervised  and water activities are forbidden after dark.


Alcohol on site: NO alcohol is sold on site. RRP reserves the right to refused …. Glass containers or bottles are not permitted on site.


Potable Water: There is NO potable water on-site. Guests are responsible for bringing their own.


Lost or stolen items: RRP is not responsible for lost and/or stolen items.


RRP reserves the right to refuse entry or to expel any visitors who have wilfully broken the terms and       conditions of this agreement.

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