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These links are here to enhance your enjoyment of the Roseau River Valley and surrounding area. We have met with the operator/owner of these businesses and they have been carefully  chosen by us to complement your stay at The Rapids. You can book their services directly from their websites. 

Say Hi to Leslie for us !

Saluez Leslie de notre part!

2021-03-19 16_42_02-Nature's Edge Touris
2021-03-19 16_35_25-.jpg

Wilderland Adventure Co.

Tell Matt that we look forward to seeing him again !

Prairie Shore Botanicals

Say Hi to Laura for us

2021-03-19 16_38_46-Prairie Shore Botani

Say Hi to Joel for me.

Saluez Joel de ma part.

2021-04-01 15_45_58-Event Tent Rental _

That`s me.....

Eastern Manitoba Tourism Association

2021-03-20 11_00_08-Eastman Tourism — Mo

Say Hello to Jenny for us!

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